Leder – Gwendolyn Wördenweber

Nestleder – Melissa Dieterle

Leader of Natura. She has an overview of all happenings in Natura and manages the board

Right-hand woman of Gwen. She assumes any responsibilities to help in the organization.

Media and communication responsibles

Solveig Vanniez

Iben Hermansen

Responsible of the communication, they will inform you about our future events by email and on social media. They also are content creators to keep a memory of our experiences through pictures and short films.

Cosmina-Elena Ivan

Talented in graphic design, Cosmina collaborates with the media responsible to create nice posters and visuals for our social media.

Paula del Alcázar

Our photographer takes pictures of the events and edits them for our social media.

Økonomiansvarlig – Maria Burianová

Utstyrsansvarlig – Marek Hofman

Maria will have an overview of the budget, of the purchase of equipment, and more. She is the person you have to transfer money to for membership and trips. Contact us if you have questions about registration and payment.

Equipment responsible, Marek will be at the equipment room every Monday and Thursday from 17:30 to 18:00 to give you the equipment that you might need to borrow. The equipment room is located in the Aasen building at the university, next to Akademika. If you need to rent out of the opening hours, contact us we can find a solution to help you.

Tour planners

Juliette Theron

Bethel Britto

Sam O’Sullivan

The tour planners are in charge of planning the Natura events. They organize hikes, cabin trips and other outdoor activities for members to make the most of their time in Sunnmøre area.

Tour guides

Raúl Grau

Jolana Švábová

For going hiking or camping, outdoor lovers Raúl and Jolana will guide you in the nature! They will take care of leading the tours, running workshops and giving you advices for a nice experience.