Natura Volda is a student organization working to create great nature experiences for students in Volda, Norway. We mainly organize hiking trips and other outdoor outings, courses and social activities for our members. The membership fee is 150 NOK for one semester. For this price, you can borrow Natura’s equipment, like tents and camping stove and cookset for free. In addition, you have to pay for transport, food and sometimes accommodation for each trip you participate on. The prices vary from really cheap or free (like simple hiking trips) to quite expensive (like surfing trip and slalom trips with accommodation).

It is a very social organization and a great way to experience the great nature of the region Sunnmøre. Most of the trips require some basic equipment like good and warm clothes, good hiking boots and a large backpack for hiking.

How to become a member

Natura membership costs 150 NOK for half a year (one semester). This fee is used to maintain and buy new equipment to Natura, which all members can borrow for free. To become a member, fill out the form «Bli medlem», and you’ll receive payment info.

What do you need?

The nature around Volda is beautiful, spectacular and fascinating, but it can also be a very dangerous place if you don’t know how to behave, dress, deal with problems, have the right gear etc. Since we’re quite far north, the evenings and nights can be very cold even in the summer and early autumn. To keep warm we recommend WOOL both as underwear and insulation. We also recommend good hiking shoes and a backpack that’s big enough to carry with you everything you need of both your personal and the groups equipment.

For camping outside, a warm sleeping bag and a sleeping mat is essential. A jacket and pants/trousers that are wind and water resistant are also essential in this part of Norway, because there is a lot of rain! Make sure you have everything you need in good time before the trips. Instead of buying expensive equipment which you might only use a few times, a good tip is to borrow from others. Ask your fellow students, or post a request on Natura’s Facebook group.

How to borrow equipment

To borrow Natura’s equipment, you just send us an email at naturavolda@gmail.com or a message via Facebook/ Instagram and ask us for the equipment you want to borrow. We have tents, cooking equipment, some surfing equipment and wet suits (mostly for warmer weather). See the full list.

International contact

If you have any further questions about Natura, membership, borrowing of equipment or our organised trips, you can send an e-mail to naturavolda@gmail.com


Changes in the program can appear. In that case, members will get new information by e-mail. You can also join our Facebook group to get updated information about the trips. If you have any further questions or feedback, please contact us on e-mail: naturavolda@gmail.com.

Hope to see you on our tripps!

Best regards
The board of Natura

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