Internationalization Prize

Feb 2020

Credits: Maïlee Michalon

During the international week, that takes place every year at Høgskulen i Volda, the best international organization is elected. This year, Natura is extremely proud to have won this prize.

It’s a privilege to have this title and we would like to thank you again for all your support until now. Natura has always tried to create unforgettable experiences and memories for both international and norwegian students. But it’s especially our goal to make internationals/norwegian from another area discovering our beautiful Sunnmøre. Every hike, every bonfire, every cabin trip and other kind of events are made to live unique outdoor experiences and to have new stories to tell. Natura is all about building stories and memories, about sharing and learning from each other, and loving Norway and its beautiful nature. Natura is an organization in which anyone can find her/his place, whether as an international or as a norwegian student, there is no difference.

Thank you for you trust and support. The board is now even more motivated than before to invest in the quality of Natura by making our projects bigger and more accessible, for you and for the love of outdoor life.

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